Tuesday, August 12, 2008

If I could turn back time.

When I first arrived, it was during the time that the economy went southwards every where in world; Singapore was not spared. I aborted my slumping business and started looking for new opportunities elsewhere.

With a bunch of Sarawakian friends who were working in Singapore then, we decided to start up a landscaping business in Kuching; one of them comes from a long line of landscapers in her family.

Well, more about my landscaping experience later.

These days, I am working as a consultant specializing in traditional martial arts and in the scope of what I do, I travel throughout Sarawak to meet and interview masters “hidden” in our midst.

I been to as far as Miri and in the vicinity of Kuching, Siniawan and Siburan are some of the locations that I frequent.

Love these 2 places; for a city boy like me, it’s so refreshing to experience a rhythm and pace of life that belongs to another time …. Words just fail me here….

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Ron said...

hello eric,

came across your blog on living in Sarawak. I live in Los Angeles, California and am also a martial artist. I have practiced MiZong LoHan (a combination of two systems), American boxing (which I truly enjoy), Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, and Korean Hapkido (lst degree). Also, Cantonese Lion-dance. Sounds mixed up, I know and incredulous. However, I hav enjoyed all of my experiences and value each of them very much. I saw some of your videos on a public exhibition in Penang in 2007 and while it is a good collectors item, I feel that those old traditional styles are just like practicing on a typewriter when the rest of the martial art world has changed tremendously.

send me an email and let us be email kung-fu brothers. I have also enjoyed your lion-dance YouTube videos. Thank you for those. My home email address is: